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Carousel Restoration - Menagerie Animals

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When referring to carousels, the term menagerie means all animals except horses. This includes mythological and fantasy animals like dragons and unicorns. The Golden Gate Carousel has 24 menagerie animals, including 8 outside and 16 inside. The inside animals are done in pairs that are located on opposite sides of the carousel. Like carousel horses, the outside menagerie animals are the most elaborate.

Here are examples of Menagerie Animals on the Golden Gate Carousel

Painting of carousel figures ©1980 Ruby Newman. Photographs ©1980-1985 Roy King.


Outside Tiger with carved mermaid. Poster available.   Closeup of the mermaid


Green Frog before restoration   Preparing the Frog   Completed Green Frog


Restored Yellow Frog   Working drawing by Ruby Newman


Wild Boar before restoration   Completed Wild Boar with cornstalk in mouth


Restored Sea Dragon   Page from Herschell-Spillman catalog, circa 1910


Dragon's tail before restoration   Stripped tail showing extensive dry rot   Detail of restored tail


Rooster before restoration   Completed Rooster


Andrew Barnett preparing the Dog   Marianne Tenario holding the Ostrich head

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