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Faux Finishes - Woodgrain

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Woodgraining, also known as faux bois, is painting a surface to look like wood. Wood has many natural variations, so when creating faux wood grain, aspects like knots, burl, quarter grain, or full grain are added for a realistic appearance. In addition, the faux bois can be "mitered" and "inlaid" for the look of a master craftsperson.

Woodrgrain 01

An 8 foot buffet that was first painted entirely white. The "wood grain" was painted as walnut burl with mitered corners. The top has an elaborate inlaid "book ends" grain that was framed with a mitered straight grain.   Side detail

Woodrgrain 02

Before photo of a white door with stucco "stone" surround.   Door is woodgrained with inlaid burl panels. The surround is treated to look like stone.

Woodrgrain 03

A white garage door that was woodgrained   An entrance to a San Francisco Victorian with elaborate woodwork. The entire entance had a white base coat before the woodgraining.

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