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Faux Finishes - Polychrome Color Washes

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This technique is mostly applied to architectural accoutrements such as decorative plaster and Victorian Lincrusta, exterior and interior.

ColorWash Row 01

Plaster Victorian rosettes that were painted to complement the Bradbury & Bradbury custom wallpapers. Elements were highlighted with gold leaf.

ColorWash Row 02

The decorative elements of this Victorian facade were highlighted with multiple layers of polychrome washes and gold leaf.

ColorWash Row03

This very elaborate rosette has four Angels with gold leafed wings.   Victorian stairwell with Lincrusta wainscoting. Previously painted white, the color washes bring out the exquisite detail.   Baptismal Font of St. Vincent's. Applications include faux marble, faux stone, color washes and gold leaf.

ColorWash Row04

A decorative plaster ceiling of a Masonic Hall. Color washes and gold leaf.   Detail of a Lincrusta frieze

ColorWash Row 05

Trompe l'Oeil ceiling mural surrounded by painted decorative plaster with gold leaf. 15' X 20'

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