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For over 40 years I have created murals for both commercial and residential settings. From modern abstraction to classic Trompe l'Oeil, I work in a variety of themes based on the client's wishes. Most murals are produced on canvas in the studio and professionally installed onsite.


This mural was commissioned by a client to capture the style of Henri Matisse. The color palette, composition and subject matter were selected by the client. 4'6"h X 8'6"w


A mural designed for a hospital medical center.


A Trompe l'Oeil view out a window of an Italian garden. 10'h X 4'w.   This exclusive spa features a hydrotherapy room. The mural backdrop is of a reflecting pool at an Italian villa. The white hydrotherapy bathtub is seen in the foreground. 10'h X 12'w   Trompe l'Oeil scene of a classic Italian garden niche.


The Rhoda-Goldman Independent Living Complex. Multi-generation theme. 4'h X 24'w


Trompe l'Oeil bathroom done with a Pompeii theme. The flat pocket door in the right-hand image was made to look three-dimensional. Includes faux marble, faux alabaster light fixture, and painted sky.


Trompe l'Oeil china cabinet on a white swinging door.   Detail showing faux bois with painted hardware.


Children's mural with playful dolphins. 12' w X 12' h

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