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Collectible Restoration

For over 40 years I have restored painted collectibles. Examples include antique carousel animals, painted furniture, and statuary. Each restoration is unique and often includes research and reconstruction.


Cracked arm and surgical cut for replacement   The arm of this new statue cracked and separated as the wood dried. We created a new piece of "jewelry" to hide the seam and prevent a recurrence. Gold leaf highlights were added.   Completed statue restoration for Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Woodacre, CA.


Three of 20 restored statues for the St. Vincents Church Nativity Scene. Statues were made in Germany in 1906.


The state of the Nativity Scene before restoration.


Progression of fire damaged German hutch restoration. Lower right is the restored top.   Finished piece


Detail of fire damage   Restored


Early 20th century "Our Lady of Grace" statue. Hands and other elements were badly damaged and restored.


Restored statues from the St. Vincents Church Nativity Scene.


Anton Fuetsch, master woodcarver

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