Ruby Newman Fine Arts Studio

Sacred Places

Specialty finishes enriching the environment of sacred places, from classical to modern. This includes restoration, decorative painting, color consulting and design.


Saint Vincent's Catholic Church, Petaluma CA


St. Vincents exterior decorative painting, featuring color washes on plaster, faux marble columns, and gold leaf


St. Vincents Catholic Church decorative painting details


St. Vincents interior, featuring 10 faux marble columns 14' high X 3' diameter


Faux marble, faux stone, and color washes framing one of eight stained glass window groups.   Decorative stained glass rosette with faux stone and color washes   Column with color wash capital and faux stone on plaster arches above. Gold leaf was also used for accents.


Design of altar furniture, including Presider's chair, side chairs, altar table, ambry, and lectern. Furniture built by Andrew Jacobson Design in Wood, Petaluma CA.   Altar table with granite inlay.


St. Eizabeth Seton Curch, Rohnert Park CA. Design and implementation of modern cross with color washes and gold leaf. Four faux marble columns. 15'h X 3' diameter


Spirit Rock Buddhist Meditation Center, Woodacre CA. Design and painting of prayer wheel.

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