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Abstract Paintings - Cosmic Doors

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This series explores the imaginary cosmos both on a macro and micro level. I use vibrant colors and energetic rhythm to create these paintings. The originals vary from small to large format, on canvas and fine art paper. Contact us for availablity of Original Work or Fine Art Giclee Prints.

Doors Row 01

146 Red Hole   131 Complex Yellow Hole   134 Big Water Molecules

Doors Row 02

136 Big Yellow Opening   143 Red Opening

Doors Row 03

145 Cosmic Door with Ribbons   149 Yellow Comet   127 Red Orion

Doors Row 04

128 Square Pulsar   129 Big Blue Nebula

Doors Row 05

141 Relative Door   150 Purple Event Horizon

Doors Row 06

132 Falling Quasar   126 Ocean View   135 Shooting Stars

Doors Row 07

147 Bamboo Opening

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