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Pen and Pencil Drawings - Musicians

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This series aims to capture the creative energy of musicians during their performance. The originals are on fine art paper. Contact us for availablity of Original Work or Fine Art Giclee Prints.

Musicians Row 01

  525 Guitar Musician with Black Glasses   509 Sitting Electric Guitar Player   520 Trombone Player  

Musicians Row 02

  524 Accordion Player   514 Chamber Music / Viola Player   518 Chamber Music /Cello Player  

Musicians Row 03

  507 Klezmer Clarinet   519 Jazz Violin   503 Sax Player  

Musicians Row 04

  505 Violin Player with Vest   501 Chamber Musician with Cello   504 Classic Cello Player in Tuxedo  

Musicians Row 05

  521 Trombone Player with Glasses   502 Bass Player   515 Jazz Sax Player  

Musicians Row 06

  522 Electric Guitar Player   506 Kronos Quartet, First Violin   523 Violin Musician with Spiked Hair  

Musicians Row 07

  516 Two Musicians in Color   508 Dreamy Violin Player in Teal   511 First Violin in Purple Jacket  

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