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Portrait Paintings - Models

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This series is from live models. I strive to capture the essence of the individual in the mood set by their pose. The originals vary from small to large format, on canvas and fine art paper. Contact us for availablity of Original Work or Fine Art Giclee Prints.

Models Row 01

213 Ana in Summer Dress (print only)   204 Book Reader   215 Woman in Wicker Chair

Models Row 02

219 Beau   211 Zwanda with Colorful Scarf

Models Row 03

207 Summer Reader   202 Man in Yellow Shirt   218 Pencil Artist (print only)

Models Row 04

217 Richard   220 Redhead with Blue Eyes   210 Blue Boy

Models Row 05

223 Woman with Pink & Green Cheeks   216 Cecilia

Models Row 06

209 Woman with Jet Blue Hair   212 Matisse Woman (a mural commission)   222 Portrait of Ana

Models Row 07

206 Woman from Marseille (print only)   225 Zwanda with Colorful Curls   205 Woman in French Blouse

Models Row 08

201 Moon Face   221 Lime Colored Face

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